Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data

Name: Birgit Mikus

Date of birth: 26. 03. 1982

Place of birth: Düsseldorf

Marital status: single



1988-1992: Elementary School Viersen North

1992-2001: Erasmus-von-Rotterdam-Gymnasium Viersen

Graduation: Abitur


University education

Since 15th Oktober 2001 studies at the Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.

Subjects:   General and Applied Linguistics (major subject)

                German Studies / Department of Modern Literature

                German Studies / Department of German Language and older Literature

Aspired certificate: M.A. (Magistra Artium)

Number of semesters: 9

Status: concluded basic study period (after 4th semester)


Temporary stays abroad

14th March – 16th April 1998:               Washington D.C., USA, in the context of a students exchange

1st August – 27th September 2003:       Barcelona, Spain, attendance at a language course at the language school "Barcelona PLUS"

18th July – 06th August 2004:               Helsinki, Finnland, attendance at a language course at the summer university of Helsinki


Temporary jobs and internships

01st August – 30th September 2002       student job at the KAISER’S BKK (health insurance), department Marketing

04th March – 31st March 2003               student job at the KAISER’S BKK (health insurance), department Marketing

16th February – 09th April 2004             Internship at AIFS Deutschland, department Work and Travel

01st November 2004 - today                 student assistant in the Computer Centre of Bonn University,

                                                        department Customer Service, division IT Helpdesk