German Studies I




The linked texts are still in German. I'm working on translations, but as there are so many texts, it will take some time.



About "âventiure"(pdf 65,5 kb)

The term "âventiure" is essential in handling and understanding of medieval King Artus novels. In this short lecture, the meaning and cultural background is explained.


Vendetta in the "Nibelungenlied" (pdf 77,2 kb)

The motive of vendetta appears in different scenes, situations, plot levels and constellations of the acting persons. The lecture presents the most important and striking situations.


Augustinus: De Doctrina Christiana, Book IV (About the christian doctrine) (pdf 75,1 kb)

In this short lecture, the main theses of Augustinus' sermon doctrine are presented. The reception of the doctrine in medieval church history is discussed.


Worldmaps in medieval times (pdf 260 kb)

The three typical forms of medieval worldmaps are presented, and their common principles are shown on three famous maps (London Psalter Chart, Ebstorfer Worldmap, Hereford-map).


Prototypes of lying (pdf 100 kb)

First a short history of prototype theory's origin is given, a presentation of Coleman & Kay's article  "The English word >>lie<<" is following.




Term Papers:

Kriemhild's revenge in the "Nibelungenlied" (pdf 118 kb)

On the basis of the lecture, the special aspect of Kriemhild's revenge are examined. The actual medieval jurisdiction is compared to the actions and events in the text.


The literary potential of Mappae Mundis, shown with the example of the Ebstorfer Worldmap and the fictional "Travels" of Sir John Mandeville (pdf 1,55 MB)

Strategies of narration, positions of the narrating voices, and positions of the reader/onlooker are examined, compared, and related to each other.