Here you can find (hopefully) all of my former hobbies and groups I have worked with in the past.

Of course there are links to their webpages as far as they have one. ;)

The linked pages are mainly in German, but please have a look.



The DPSG Viersen (DPSG = German Scouts of Saint George) is my old scout troop. I've been a member from age 9 to 19, first as a normal member, then as group leader for the last four years. I had a group of seven girls, we started when they were 10years old, and they got into the next older group with 14.

Besides the camps which were a lot of fun I have found a lot of good friends there.

Some of "my" girls have become group leaders themselves in the meantime, and I'm especially happy about that.



The youth choir "Song Remi" belongs to the parish St. Remigius in Viersen. They have a repertoire of gospels (especially from the "Sister Act" movie), spirituals, some evergreens like "California Dreaming" and "Mighty Quinn" as well as a lot of songs of the more recent tradition, e.g. "Songs from Taizé" and similar songs.

I have been a member in this choir for 6 years, then my studies got in the way and I wasn't longer able to participate in auditions and performances.



The "youth mass circle" of the parish St. Remigius works closely with Song Remi. We were a group of six people of different ages and designed masses for the youth in our parish. Most of those scripts we did for the masses can still be read in the archive.

But again studies got in the way, and so we decided to give the work to a new group.



The Erasmus-von-Rotterdam-Gymnasium (a grammar school) is my old school, and I have only good memories of that time. The teachers are dedicated to excellent education, and there are a lot of after-school projects the pupils can choose from. Besides an priced orchestra there is a theatre group, some exra sports classes, and groups where the pupils can do (and learn about) science, art, music, dance, photography and additional languages (old Greek at my time). 

 Additionally there are student exchanges to Lambersart in France, Peterborough in England, Alexandria ind the USA and Warsaw in Poland.