This will certainly become the most intricate site I've ever coded...

At the age of 9 I did my first travel outside Germany. It was the yearly summercamp of the local scout group, and it went to France in 1992. Ever since I participated in the  following summercamps, and brought at least some decent fotos back with me. Of course I still love to travel, I only have little money as a student, so my plans have to take a timeout for the time being.

Have fun with the pictures!!


Remark: If you find yourself on these pictures and if you do not want the picture to be shown, please contact me via email, then I'll remove the photo.



Helsinki 2004     



 Barcelona 2003                


 Kärnten/Austria 2000                           



 Rome 2000                                       



Sweden 1999                           



South Tyrol 1998                                       



USA 1998                                           



 Spain 1997                                   



 Bavarian Woods 1996                   



Scottland 1995                                      



 Island of Rügen 1994                               



 Norway 1993                               



 France 1992