Hard to believe, but still true: the internet holds more than porn, illegal downloads and suicide forums. There are really people with a great talent out there, and their work is marvellous to look at.


In the following there are links to some pages which are worth a look.

Of course this is not a completed list, many other links will follow (I hope).


Have fun!

(Important: Fast internet connection recommended)



Ninjai, the little Ninja.

Beautiful anime episodes, with a tense and gripping atmosphere, beautiful music and a gaury story. Nothing for people with a queasy stomach, but still the best I've ever seen in the web.





Angry Alien Production presents... Great persiflages of grand movies - and every film only takes 30 seconds.

Not everything is really striking, but with most films you laugh your head off.





The Angry White Boy Polka by the master Weird Al Yankovich. Do I have to say more? ;)





Ddautta - really cute anime about a tomcat and a bunny...

Not much "deep sense", but funny and cuddly.




This dark warrior can get completely different... As a Dancing Elf!

Funny video out of the online-game World of Warcraft.





A video for all Nintendo fans... Do you recognize the melodies? ;)

Great what you can do with a good choir.



My fellow students wished these pictures to come back, so blame them... On the return of the Wug-Pics!

They are Photoshops or self-drawn comics and pictures starring the wug and the kra.