General and Applied Linguistics




The linked texts are still in German. I'm working on translations, but as there are so many texts, it will take some time.



Jean Berko: The Child's Learning of English Morphology (pdf 181 kb)

An overview about early studies of first language acquisition, followed by the presentation of Jean Berko's famous article. At the end moe recent trends and theories are presented.


Grice: Logic and Conversation (pdf 147 kb)

Presentation of Grice's famous "Cooperative Principle", his maxims of conversation and the implications der of every-day-speech. At the same time, his theses are reassessed with means of propositional logic.


Multilingualism and Language Choice (pdf 96,8 kb)

The most important terms are explained, and different models of multilingualism are presented.


Meaning-properties of words (pdf 116 kb)

Besides the most important terms it is tried to explain why it is so difficult to attach a distinct meaning to a single word.


Control Theory, Government Theory, Empty Gategories (pdf 159 kb)  ->  Foils (pdf 145 kb)

The three mentioned areas of the larger Generative Grammar are (hopefully) explained, and illustrated with examples and diagrams.


Question: What is the "via regia" in neurolinguistics? Group study or individual case study? (pdf 50 kb)

The question is analysed in form of a short essay.